25 January, 2023 Cuban president denounces US interference at Celac Summit

Buenos Aires, Argentine.- The United States persists in its efforts to divide us, stigmatize us and subordinate us to its interests, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel denounced on Tuesday at the 7th Celac Summit in Argentina. Speaking before delegations from 33 countries from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the Cuban president warned […]

10 January, 2023 U.S. blockade against Cuba stokes up irregular migration, says expert

Havana, Cuba.- Cuban immigration expert attorney José Pertierra considered that the U.S. government could stop the irregular migration flow from Cuba to that country, if it eliminates hostile economic policy towards Cuba. According to the Pertierra, the major reason for Cuba-to-USA migration flow is the present severe situation caused by the U.S. blockade against Cuba, […]

4 January, 2023 Cuba will hold an international meeting on allergies

Havana, Cuba.- Cuba will host the VII Ibero-American Meeting and the XI National Congress of Allergology in order to present the latest news and achievements in the field of allergies. Both events -to be held from March the 23rd. to the 25 th.- are organized by the Cuban Society of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology […]

21 December, 2022 Angola to donate about 64 tons of foodstuff, medicine to Cuba

Luanda, Angola.- Agostinho Narciso, President of the Association of former Angolan students in Cuba, on Monday informed about a new 64-ton donation to Cuba´s victims of hurricane Ian. At a press conference, Narciso explained these products were collected thanks to a solidarity campaign carried out from October 12 to 28 under the slogan “Help us […]

1 December, 2022 Maduro recalls arrivals of first Venezuelan patients in Cuba

Caracas, Venezuela.- President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday recalled the arrivals in Cuba of the first plane carrying Venezuelan patients to be treated in Havana as part of the bilateral Comprehensive Health Agreement. The agreement arose in the context of the Cuba-Venezuela Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement, which was signed by Presidents Hugo Chavez (1954-2013) and Fidel Castro […]

30 November, 2022 Cuba to celebrate 50th anniversary of ties with Caribbean nations

Havana, Cuba.- On December 6, Cuba will celebrate the 50th anniversary of relations with Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago, the Foreign Ministry (MINREX) said. These Caribbean countries established diplomatic relations with Cuba on December 7, 1972, after becoming independent from the United Kingdom, and in open defiance of the United States economic, commercial […]

24 November, 2022 Cuba appreciates embrace of participants in peace forum in Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam.- Cuba thanked the warm embrace received from the participants in the 22nd Assembly of the World Peace Council (WPC), in the presence of representatives from 53 countries in the ongoing session in this capital. In many of the speeches delivered here, expressions of support for our Revolution were expressed, as been said by […]

23 November, 2022 Díaz-Canel reflects about two peoples on the same frequency

Havana, Cuba.- The flight from Moscow to Ankara was a stretch that allowed Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez to share with journalists accompanying him on the international tour these days ideas about what happened in the recently concluded official visit to the Russian Federation. Taking advantage of the break in the air trip between Moscow […]

22 November, 2022 China: Díaz-Canel’s visit will boost ties with Cuba

Beijing, China.- The upcoming visit of the President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, will boost the development of bilateral ties, given the relationship between China and Cuba as “good friends, good comrades and good brothers.” Mao Ning, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said during a press conference, that the trip will also push […]

9 November, 2022 US blockade harms pediatric patients in Cuba

Havana city, Cuba.- Pediatric patients are suffering from the effects of the United States economic blockade, according to the report recently presented to the United Nations General Assembly by the Cuban Foreign Ministry. An example of this is that Cuba cannot acquire the IQ 577 model Laser System, from the US company Iridex Corporation, thus […]

7 November, 2022 Guatemala and Cuba: 24 years of solidarity and humanism

Guatemala City, Guatemala.- The Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in Guatemala reaffirmed the willingness to continue its health collaboration after 24 years of serving in the Central American nation.ç The Cuban doctors´ renewed commitment took place at La Tinta hospital, the same place where received the first 19 Cuban doctors back on November 5, 1998, and […]

21 October, 2022 Cuba’s contributions to fighting Covid-19 at int’l health event

Havana, Cuba.- The main contributions of Cuban science in the fight against Covid-19 and news on the national biopharmaceutical industry on Friday mark debates on the final day of the 4th International Health Convention. Innovation as a tool in the health management model, the transition from pandemic to endemic, and the lessons learned about the […]

20 October, 2022 Bahamas and Cuba strengthen ties in the health sector

Havana, Cuba.- Bahamas Minister of Health and Welfare Michael Darville is attending the IV International Health Convention in Cuba, where more than 60 nations are represented. Cuba’s ambassador to Nassau, Julio Cesar Gonzalez, and the head of medical collaboration, Lorenzo Perez, bid farewell at the international airport to Darville, who will also participate in the […]