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National Assembly of People´s Power

With the Conviction of Serving and Representing People

When tomorrow April 18 the constitutive session of the National Assembly of People´s Power begins for its IX legislature, the current Cuban society will be represented in it and we will arrive at that date after a road where the people were protagonists.


Voices of the World Condemn Attack on Syria

Dozens of anti-war protesters gathered on Sunday in front of the White House in Washington to condemn the US-led military attacks on Syria and seconded by France and the United Kingdom.

Socialist Character of the Cuban Revolution.

Committed to Socialism

With the presence of Vice-President Mercedes Lopez Acea, First Secretary of the Party in Havana, took place the event for the anniversary 57 of the proclamation of the Socialist Character of the Revolution, a fact that marked the way forward in the construction of a social process based on humanism and fairness.

National Assembly of People´s Power, Cuba.

They Advance National Assembly Constitutive Sitting

The Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, in use of the faculties conferred to it, agreed to begin the constitutive sitting of the ninth legislature of the National Assembly of People´s Power on Wednesday April 18, 2018, at 9 a.m. at the Convention Palace.

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