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9 August, 2018 Cuban citizens set to debate draft Constitution

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans now have their copy of the text of the country’s draft constitution, as they get ready for popular discussion of the proposed Magna Carta.

26 July, 2018 Sixty-five years since the assault on the future

Yesterday Cubans of several generations began celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons here, honoring martyrs and heroes of the simultaneous revolutionary actions of July 26, 1953.

6 July, 2018 Cuban University Students Ready for 9th Congress

The delegations coming from all the country’s provinces will arrive in Havana this week, after completing in June an intense calendar of assemblies at that level, in which the achievements and directions of the FEU were addressed.

6 July, 2018 Start by Artemisa Ninth Congress of the FEU at the university level

The Organization of University Students (FEU) of these times, its challenges, commitments with the Revolution and projections, was at the center of the approaches of the university students at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the province of Artemisa where the assemblies of universities began in the country prior to the Ninth Congress of the organization.

5 June, 2018 Cuban Educational Channels Towards Digital Television

Cuban television channels are about to be changed to digital television and guarantee a flow of production without tape in the structures of the educational channels, stated Ruvisel González, deputy director of Educational Channel 2.

18 April, 2018 New Parliament Will Defend Legacy of the Cuban Revolution

Cuban lawmaker Gerardo Hernandez deemed today that the 9th Legislature of the National Assembly of People”s Power (Parliament) will have among its main tasks to maintain the principles of the Cuban Revolution.