Havana, Cuba.- Cuba congratulated the people and Government of the Republic of Guinea Bissau, on the occasion of its National Day.

Through its account on X, the Cuban Foreign Ministry reaffirmed its will to continue strengthening friendship and cooperation between both countries.

On this day, Guinea Bissau celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independence from Portugal.

At the Summit of the Group of 77, held on September 15 and 16, the Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau, Geraldo Joao Martins, thanked Cuba for its support in the struggles for the independence of his country.

Martins highlighted at the conclave that Cuba, under the auspices of the historical leader of its Revolution, Fidel Castro, was one of the countries that most supported the fight for the national independence of Guinea Bissau, with the sending of Cuban internationalists.

He noted that since his country’s independence, the friendship and cooperation between the two nations were strengthened even more with the support of the Cuban Government for the training of cadres, a fact that remains to the present.

Cuba and Guinea Bissau established diplomatic relations in 1973 and maintain close cooperation in health and the training of human resources, which has allowed thousands of young people from that West African nation to train on the Caribbean island in various specialties.