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27 August, 2018 Argentinean professors and teachers protest against budget cuts

Argentina’s university professors ended the third week of protests with 70 symbolic lectures in the Plaza de Mayo on Friday, outside the presidential palace. They are protesting austerity and cutbacks that affect public higher education budgets and a proposed wage increase of 15 percent.

17 August, 2018 Insists on assistance from CDRs to debates on the Constitution

Carlos Rafael Miranda Martinez, national coordinator of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), the Cuban largest grassroots organization, insisted on the importance of all the members to attend the neighborhood debates, regardless if they also do it at their workplaces or study centers

14 August, 2018 Counting on all Cubans

All Cuban citizens living abroad have the opportunity to participate in the discussion of the proposed new Constitution of the Republic, an unprecedented step that reflects the government’s determination to take into consideration the opinions of all Cubans, both in and outside the country.

10 August, 2018 Cuba will be a Stronger Country with the Draft Proposed Constitution

Cuba will become stronger after the consultation process of the population of the draft Constitution. The population will contribute with ideas on the law of laws starting August 13th, said on Tuesday in Matanzas, Odelia Santana, Specialist of the Municipal Education Center.