Yuslaime Puig Rodrí­guez

7 May, 2020 In Havana New Measures to Face Pandemic

In the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda, a new plan of measures was discussed at the Provincial Defense Council of Havana, with the aim of increasing control and stopping the transmission of COVID–19 in the city.

18 April, 2020 We Must Protect Us All from Covid-19

“We are facing a pandemic that means more than a health crisis, and it generates a commitment that goes beyond one person, so we all have to protect ourselves,” Public Health Minister Jose Angel Portal Miranda said.

16 April, 2020 Cuban Workers Protected before New Coronavirus

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security implements twenty measures with the aim of protecting the state and self-employed sectors, as well as older adults and people benefited with social assistance, who remain at home in the face of Covid-19 threat.

12 March, 2020 Agriculture and Its Challenges

With the presence of the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, Vice President Salvador Valdes Mesa and the President of the National Assembly and the Council of State, Esteban Lazo, the results of the work of the Agricultural System during 2019 and the projections for this year were discussed this Thursday.

24 February, 2020 Cigar Festival Opens Its Doors

With the participation of two thousand 200 delegates from more than 60 countries, it began today in the Convention Palace of Havana the 22nd edition of the Cigar Festival, dedicated on this occasion to Bolivar and Montecristo brands.

21 January, 2020 In Each Province, a Government of People´s Power

Next February 8, Governors and Vice-Governors, newly elected by the delegates of the Municipal Assemblies, will take office and a Government of People’s Power will begin to govern in each province, in close connection with the people.

3 January, 2020 Havana Looks to Improve Its Economy

The Cuban capital has fifty local development projects, focused on gastronomy, recreation, food, technology, accommodation, and goods and services

6 November, 2019 Havana Fair, a Look to the Future

The Fourth Investment Forum, a space where domestic and foreign investors exchanged about future businesses in various sectors, took place this Wednesday as part of the Havana International Fair.

5 November, 2019 Another Step in Facilitating Foreign Investment

The presentation of the Single Window for Foreign Trade this Tuesday constituted one of the main dishes of the second day of the 37th Havana International Fair, based until Friday at Expocuba fairgrounds.

5 November, 2019 At FIHAV Forum for Economic Development of Cuba

A Forum of Capital´s Entrepreneurs was held, in the context of the Havana International Fair, in order to boost the exports by Havana companies, replacing imports and capturing foreign financing,

15 October, 2019 Havana International Fair Returns to Cuba

Despite the situation in Cuba because of the upsurge of the blockade, from November 4 to 8 next it will be held at EXPOCUBA, the thirty-seventh Havana International Fair, FIHAV 2019.

12 April, 2019 For a Sustainable Local Development

The role of Universities in the management of local development and the relations of municipal university centers with Governments was the subject of analysis in the Committee on Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment, with the presence of the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez.The President pointed out that to achieve t

11 April, 2019 Agriculture, Vital to Economy

The President of the Councils of State and of Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez called this Thursday to defend the program of municipal self-sufficiency, develop short-cycle crops, promote urban agriculture, productive poles and increase exports,