Breath and push for Havana.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Nelson Barrera´s life on Sunday January 27t took an unexpected turn. In just a few minutes his house was reduced to rubble. He and his wife and his 8-years-old daughter were one of the many families damaged by the fury of nature, which this time was unleashed on the municipalities of Regla, Guanabacoa, Diez de Octubre, San Miguel del Padron and Habana del Este.

But in the face of grief, this man does not bend his head, and draws strength to undertake the path of recovery. “The help of the neighbors has been unconditional from the first day, they have welcomed us and given us roof and food,” he commented to Radio Reloj.

Nelson Barrera recognized everyone’s support, from the municipal authorities in Regla to those people who share lunches, cold water, clothes or any other contribution within their reach. “We will continue fighting because we Cubans are like this, today we fall and tomorrow we rise,” he expressed with hope reflected in his eyes.

Right in front, a space indicates there was a home there before. Ivon Cheniques tells she went to close the window because it was really windy and suddenly she had nothing left. With the hustle and bustle of recovery, she continues to collect her scarce belongings, eager to return to everyday life as soon as possible.