For a sustainable local development.


HAVANA, Cuba.- The role of Universities in the management of local development and the relations of municipal university centers with Governments was the subject of analysis in the Committee on Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment, with the presence of the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

The President pointed out that to achieve the advancement of the municipalities it is necessary to train their cadres and define well the concept of local development and what is intended with it.

Diaz-Canel called for the elimination of obstacles and the promotion of work in order to stimulate creation and the participation of community in the implementation of each initiative for the progress of the territories.

The Cuban President added the municipal governments are responsible for promoting local development accompanied by universities, which concentrate knowledge.

The University and Its Role in Municipalities

The First Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Martha del Carmen Mesa, called to consolidate the work of the Municipal University Centers to carry out efficiently in the territories all the processes and functions of the University institution.

Under the premise of the universalization of each space, the Committee on Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Environment discussed the situation of the 122 centers of this kind t in the country.

The Members insisted on the need to level the work and conditions in the institutions through workshops involving the presidents of the municipal governments and administrative leaders of the territories.

The Vice-Minister highlighted that these centers should work in order to train professionals capable of responding to the needs of sustainable development in their municipalities.