In Havana new measures to face pandemic
HAVANA, Cuba.- In the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda, a new plan of measures was discussed at the Provincial Defense Council of Havana, with the aim of increasing control and stopping the transmission of COVID–19 in the city.

Provincial Director of Health Carlos Alberto Martinez explained that among the actions it stands out to expand and reinforce social isolation in the five People´s Councils of Centro Habana municipality, Luyano Moderno in San Miguel del Padron municipality and Latino, of Cerro municipality.

Martinez emphasized that a differentiated active research will be carried out in high-risk groups in the following People´s Councils: Buena Vista, Rampa, Belen, Acosta, Guaicanamar, Alamar Este, Debeche Nalon, Zamora Coco Solo, Calabazar, Fraternidad, Magdalena and San Agustin.

The official added that rigor of sanctions and fines will be intensified to people remaining on the streets in breach of sanitary measures.

This Is No Time to Let Our Guard Down

Deputy Prime Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda stated at the Provincial Defense Council of Havana that the new plan of measures will ensure that in the shortest possible time transmission events can be closed in the community, with the necessary requirements.

Morales Ojeda remarked that at this stage we cannot let our guard down, it is time to increase control, continue to comply with isolation measures and that people only go to the essentials in an organized way.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that it is important to continue improving active research in order to reach each person, manage to detect positive cases, find focus and close events.

Morales Ojeda added that today we are below the best predicted scenario, which indicates that if we continue to comply with all the measures implemented we will be able to pass the peak with favorable results.