At FIHAV Forum for Economic Development of Cuba.

In FIHAV: Forum of Capital Entrepreneurs and exhibition of exportable Funds For Cuba We Export Photo/ From the authors

HAVANA, Cuba.- A Forum of Capital´s Entrepreneurs was held, in the context of the Havana International Fair, in order to boost the exports by Havana companies, replacing imports and capturing foreign financing,

In the presence of the highest authorities of the province, managers of 10 selected entities, including the Accommodation Company and the Delegation of Agriculture, presented their opportunities for export.

In the Forum, which was also attended by foreign entrepreneurs, the Vice-President of the Board of Management of Havana, Jorge Villa, presented the economic results of the capital during this year marked by the passage of the tornado and the escalation of the blockade.

Villa stated that despite these tensions, Havana has the potential to develop its economy.

Increasing Our Exportable Funds

Despite the blockade, Cuba continues its development program focused on projects of different sectors, Antonio Carricarte Corona, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, said.

In the opening of the first Exhibition of Exportable Funds For Cuba We Export, he highlighted that the development strategy must be focused on exporting and the competitive saving of imports.

In the context of the Havana International Fair, Carricarte Corona explained that the current export structure is concentrated in a group of products, responsible for 80% of the country’s revenue.

The official listed among the most important nickel, rum, and new items derived from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, while praised the role of territorial governments in these tasks.