Etiqueta: President Nicolas Maduro
15 July, 2019 Vote Reaffirms Human Rights in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro highlighted that Venezuela appreciates the support of the UN Human Rights Council for the resolution presented by the Chair of the Non-Aligned Movement.

3 July, 2019 Venezuela Reiterates Its Diplomacy Is of Peace

The official tour recently carried out by Venezuelan Chancellor Jorge Arreaza in different countries of Europe, ratified the total validity of peace diplomacy and the dialogue approach promoted by the Bolivarian Executive.

4 June, 2019 Venezuelan Armed Forces Ready to Defend the Country

President Nicolas Maduro met with officers of the Territorial Defense System and the Bolivarian National Militia, and highlighted the permanent combative disposition of the armed force in defense of the country.

12 April, 2019 Chavez March in Venezuela

The Venezuelan revolutionaries prepare a march for this Saturday, in Caracas, for the 17th anniversary of the first mobilization of the people in defense of their eternal President Hugo Chavez and against the coup d’état of 2012.

8 April, 2019 Maduro Insists on a Path of Peace for Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro requested from the countries guaranteeing the Montevideo Agreement on dialogue in Venezuela, to reactivate this initiative to stop the terrorist attacks that seek to destroy the National Electrical System.

17 January, 2019 China Backs Venezuelan Sovereignty

China reiterated its support for the Venezuelan Government and called on internal and external forces to respect the sovereign decisions of the people to choose their leaders and the path of development themselves.

29 June, 2018 They Deliver in Venezuela House Number 2.1 Million

President Nicolas Maduro participated in the state of Sucre in the delivery of the house number 2.1 million, as part of the Venezuela Housing Great Mission in a project that has provided a roof to 25 percent of the inhabitants of that country.