Etiqueta: President Nicolas Maduro
22 March, 2018 Successful Housing Policy in Venezuela

Two million families were benefited by the Great Housing Mission of Venezuela, one of the pillars of the social protection system conceived by Commander Hugo Chavez and driven by his successor, President Nicolas Maduro.

20 February, 2018 Venezuela’s Exclusion Violates Legal Regulations

CARACAS, Venezuela.- The Venezuelan Government challenged the the Peruvian decision to withdraw the invitation to President Nicholas Maduro to attend the Summit of the Americas next April in Lima.

7 February, 2018 President of Venezuela Is Backed by Workers

CARACAS, Venezuela. – To support the candidacy of President Nicolas Maduro to the presidential elections, planned for a date before April 30, the Venezuelan working class prepares the activation of 100 thousand campaign commands in productive centers of the country. The head of the campaign command of the working class, Francisco Torrealba, indicated they will […]

19 January, 2018 They Unveil Attempt to Assassinate Venezuelan President

The Venezuelan press highlights this Friday the allegation of Vice President Jorge Rodriguez on the plans for the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro and other government leaders, by the terrorist cell dismantled last Monday

18 January, 2018 Venezuelan Dialogue Continues in the Dominican Republic

The talks between the Government and the opposition of Venezuela continue in the Dominican Republic, in pursuit of advancing in the six points of the agenda and to reach an agreement for the peace and stability in the country.