Etiqueta: People´s Power
24 February, 2019 More than 5 Million Cubans Have Voted in Constitutional Referendum

HAVANA, Cuba.- This Sunday until 11 a.m. 5,154,904 Cubans had exercised their right to vote, after Tomas Amaran, vice president of the National Electoral Commission. The official added this figure represents 57, 38 per cent of the updated list of voters, and means a positive result, superior even to the previous process in 2018 when […]

4 January, 2019 Havana Electoral Commission Is Constituted

The provincial Electoral Commission of Havana for the referendum of the Constitution, was constituted this Friday in solemn act, and its members ratified their commitment to enforce the electoral law before the President of the Provincial Assembly of the People´s Power of the capital, Reinaldo Garcia.

15 November, 2018 People’s Power Delegates Account for Their Constituents

For the first time since they took office in December last year, the delegates of the Cuban People’s Power will account for their management to their constituents starting this Thursday, what constitutes one of the most unique moments of the Cuban political system.

13 November, 2018 They Analyze Behavior of Attention to Population

With the presence of Esteban Lazo Hernandez, President of the National Assembly, this Tuesday concluded the national meeting of heads of Attention to the Population of the Provincial Assemblies and Isle of Youth Special Municipality.

12 March, 2018 Cuban Chancellor Remarks Meaning of Elections

As part of the more than 8 million Cubans who enjoyed their right to vote on Sunday, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Minister of Foreign Affairs, attended the electoral college Nr. 2 at Playa municipality, where he highlighted the Cuban revolutionary public-spiritedness and of loyalty to traditions and to the Revolution.

27 February, 2018 They Continue Improving Details for General Elections

The National Electoral Commission of Cuba continues improving the details in the face of the general elections planned for next March 11, the vice president of the entity, Tomas Amaran, said.

23 February, 2018 They Stand Out Preparatory Work for Elections in Cuba

The Vice-President of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), Tomas Amaran, highlighted the preparatory work in Cuba, so that in the elections of March 11 the people vote consciously, with discipline and organization.

12 February, 2018 Candidates Continue in Direct Contact with People

This week, the candidates for members of Parliament and delegates to the provincial assemblies of People’s Power continue their visits to productive centers and communities of the municipality where they can be elected on the day of the vote.

28 November, 2017 Cuba: Revolutionary Commitment Elections

More than seven million Cubans exercised their right to vote in the elections of municipal delegates of the People’s Power, representing 85, 94 percent of the total summoned to the ballot box.

25 October, 2017 CDR Propose Candidates for Bodies of People’s Power

According to the Cuban Electoral Law, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) presented in its national plenary more than for hundred fifty proposals of candidates for delegates to the provincial assemblies of the People´s Power and of deputies to the Parliament.

24 August, 2017 Revolution Defense Committees Accompany Electoral Process

Immersed in the fulfillment of its mission as mobilizers of the people, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) develop a wide process of preparation, in order to successfully accompany the election process of the People´s Power.

9 August, 2017 Electoral Authorities Train in Granma

Members of the electoral commissions in Granma province receive training to face the general elections, which will include first the election of the delegates of constituencies.

7 August, 2017 Electoral Authorities to Be Prepared in Sancti Spiritus

The electoral authorities participating in the current election process of People´s Power in Sancti Spiritus province, intensify their preparation to begin, on September 4, the nomination of candidates for delegates of constituencies.