Etiqueta: Workers’ Central Union of Cuba
25 April, 2020 Cuban Science in Battle against Covid-19

The Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Elba Rosa Perez, recognized the more than 89 thousand scientists and workers in the sector in Cuba, with a commendable work in the confrontation with Covid-19.

23 April, 2020 They Call for Celebration of May 1st

The Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC in Spanish) called this Thursday for the celebration of May 1st, a working-class holiday that will have a different nuance for the conditions the nation lives through from the confrontation of the new coronavirus.

11 March, 2020 President of Cuba Heads Annual Assembly of Ministry of Culture

In the presence of Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, President of the Republic of Cuba, artists, intellectuals and officials analyze the achievements and shortcomings in last year’s work, as well as the projections for this one, in the annual assembly of the Ministry of Culture.

8 January, 2020 President of Cuba Leads Meeting with Unions

With the aim of analyzing the Economic Plan for the actual year, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez led this Wednesday an exchange with Cuban trade union leaders.

22 October, 2019 Cubans Support Campaign for Lula’s Freedom

Workers of the Public Administration Union in Villa Clara participated in the process of collecting signatures for the release of former Brazilian ruler Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

1 April, 2019 From Today Cubans Celebrate May 1St

The Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC) and the national unions call all the people to a massive day of national mobilization to celebrate the International Workers ‘ Day, with the motto Unity, Commitment and Victory.

5 December, 2018 Heirs of Che´s Lineage

With the arrival this morning of the number 20 flight since the return of Cuban collaborators of the More Doctors Program began, more than four thousand doctors are already back in the fatherland.

2 October, 2018 The Constitutional Project among Trade Unionists

In the analysis of the draft Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, held on Monday at the headquarters of the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC in Spanish), it was proposed to include in the economic fundamentals the participation of workers in the shaping, implementation and control of the Economy Plan.

2 May, 2018 The Main Fight is against Blockade, Cuban Union Leader Says

“The denunciation of the blockade imposed unilaterally by the United States against Cuba, is currently our main battle,” the Secretary General of the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC), Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento ratified.

2 May, 2018 Thousands of Cubans Ratify Their Support for the Revolution

Workers and their families attended this May 1st. to support the Revolution in Matanzas, with the commitment to defend unity and socialism, honor Fidel’s legacy and the eight decades of the founding of the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC).