Cuban science in battle against Covid-19

Thousands of Cuban scientists face pandemic.

HAVANA, Cuba.- The Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Elba Rosa Perez, recognized the more than 89 thousand scientists and workers in the sector in Cuba, with a commendable work in the confrontation with Covid-19.

At the Roundtable TV program the official updated on how science has been working, and highlighted the work of several institutes, the 36 entities of Social and Human Sciences, and universities.

Elba Rosa Perez underlined the importance of integration work to be more effective in impacts, and said that the Ministry developed a comprehensive intervention guide to confront the disease in communities.

The president of the Cuban Society of Psychology, Alexis Lorenzo Ruiz, referred to the telepsychology project, by which people can call when they feel some kind of stress in the current situation.

For Cuba, Together We Will Win

“There will be a commemoration of the First of May in Cuba, but we will do so in different conditions and scenarios, with a celebration that will be moved to the homes,” Ulises Guilarte, Secretary General of the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC) said.

Guilarte added in the Roundtable TV program that, “this year we will also be remember the twenty years of Fidel´s Revolution concept, and we will inspired by the motto For Cuba, Together We will Win.”

The Secretary General of CTC pointed out that the festivities will pay special tribute to health staff, and there will be a special television programming, so that day be the one of the greatest social isolation.

Guilarte highlighted how in the current scenario trade unions have promoted actions to protect the health of workers, and as proof of this, that until April 21 there were 576,000 people in remote work.