Havana, Cuba.- The Antonio Maceo Association of Cuban Residents in Jamaica described Cuba’s medical collaboration in Jamaica against Covid-19 as an example of unity and friendship.

Osvaldo Cardenas, vice-president of the Association, highlighted in dialogue with Prensa Latina the humanistic work of the Cuban health cooperation, which has also left its mark on professional education with the training of Jamaican doctors in Cuban institutions.
Cardenas spoke of the work carried out recently by the members of the Cuban health brigade, who at the end of 2019 performed a total of 3,104 operations as part of the ‘Operacion Milagro’ (Operation Miracle), in the treatment of patients with eye conditions.

He thanked the arrival of the group of 138 Cuban collaborators days ago in order to support Jamaica’s fight against the threat of the SAR-CoV-2 coronavirus.

Cardenas praised the work of all the health brigade members, among them the nursing staff, who ‘carry out their work with care, dedication and sacrifice, (which is) well-recognized within the community.’

Cardenas evoked during the exchange the fraternity between leaders Fidel Castro, of Cuba and Michal Manley, of Jamaica, who advocated an inclusive, respectful and friendly health system with an emphasis on the most vulnerable people.