Cuban doctors in Nauru.

Photo: CubaMinrex.

YAREN, Nauru.- A Cuban medical brigade arrived in this city of Nauru, in Central Pacific, where were received by the Permanent Secretary of the Chancellery of that territory, Michael Aroi.

Fifteen doctors of various specialties including oncology, nephrology, psychiatry, endocrinology and Internal medicine make up the brigade, and according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, they will begin their work soon.

Nauru is a small island State of the Pacific, just south of the Equator, with a population of just over 10000 inhabitants.

Cuba also has a medical presence in Kiribati and Vanuatu, two small island States located south of the Pacific, and has had it in Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Fiji. Dozens of young people from the islands in the region are formed in Cuban health universities.