Havana, Cuba.- Representatives of Cuba and Mongolia spoke today about the development of biotechnology on the Caribbean island based on agriculture and livestock, as well as bilateral cooperation related to these sectors.

In a video conference, directors of the Cuban biotechnology business group Labiofam S.A. and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, also exchanged about some of the flagship products produced by Labiofam.

The meeting included the presentation of videos on scientific activity, modern industries, and the results of Labiofam in the production of vaccines for livestock and biofertilizers, biostimulants and biopesticides for agriculture.

Labiofam also presented the Biorat, against rodents, one of the problems faced by livestock pastures in Mongolia, according to the diplomatic mission.

This product, made 39 years ago, is registered in more than 23 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. It is used in livestock farms, cities, and in plantations. It is biodegradable, harmless to humans and other animals, and economical as it requires only two applications per year.