Author Noel Martínez

International News

Cambiemos Party Wins Legislative in Buenos Aires

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, former Argentine president and leader of National Unity, political force representing her aspiration for a position of Senator, recognized last Sunday night the defeat of her group in the legislative elections where they aspired to control the Senate.

National News Evacuations in Matanzas.

Evacuations Begin in the South of Matanzas

With the establishment of the cyclone alarm for Matanzas province, this Friday noon began the evacuation of residents in low-lying areas of the municipality of Jaguey Grande, where there have been strong floods before.

National News Castellanos pollymetalic project.

Matahambre Reborns from Subsoil

Just over 33 thousand people live in Minas de Matahambre, a municipality in Pinar del Río province where more than a century ago mining began, reborn now with an ambitious project.