Cuba united in a round of applause for its health heroes

Photo/Juventud Rebelde.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Coinciding with the mythical 09:00 gunfire that identifies Havana’s best historical tradition, in all the towns of Cuba a closed popular applause was heard in support of the thousands of doctors, nurses, technicians and public health workers who fight relentlessly against Covid-19.

Emerged last Sunday night, the initiative added today more Cubans who thank those who anonymously and at risking their own health stay in hospitals, isolation centers, laboratories and other premises throughout Cuba to minimize the impact of the pandemic that holds the planet in suspense.

Born on social networks and originally promoted by the National Television News, the initiative permeated the population and broadcasters of the Cuban Radio System, that join the applause of an entire nation for their children who give their intelligence and knowledge to protect Cuba and other nations of Covid-19.

On his Twitter account Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel wrote, El applause of the 9. Applause of admiration and affection to our heroes, to our doctors of soul and body. Cuba saves lives, we are Cuba.