This Is No Time to Be Complacent in the Battle against COVID-19

They call for action against Covid-19. Photo/Estudios Revolucion.

HAVANA, Cuba.- In the midst of the favorable scenario by which the country continues to transit in its battle against Covid-19, the President of the Republic, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz led on Wednesday’s afternoon the meeting of the temporary working group to confront the new coronavirus, which emphasized the need to continue paying attention to all the details, because the success of the implemented actions depends to a large extent on its rigorous compliance.

This can’t be a time to be complacent, Minister of Public Health Jose Angel Portal Miranda emphasized, after ratifying that the trend of the reduction of patients admitted for the care and surveillance of the disease in the island is maintained, when a total of 3 124 were counted at the end of the day before, the lowest numbers recorded since more than 10,700 incomes were reported on April 22.

Of the 900 patients diagnosed with the disease to date, Portal Miranda added, 246 confirmed people remain in hospital institutions, 238 of them with a stable clinical evolution.

Regarding the behavior of these figures by territories, the Public Health Minister commented that several provinces currently have no active cases, while Havana, with 142, and Matanzas, with 54, maintain the greatest amount.

On this reality, the Head of State highlighted that “the step to the recovery stage must be done gradually and in phases, without hastening,” since the disease’s behavior in different territories will tell how to do it in each of them.

Updating about the epidemiological situation in Havana province, where 908 cases accumulate, Governor Reinaldo Garcia Zapata commented that during the last day only eight patients were confirmed, one of whom proved positive after PCR in real time was carried out as part of the population study taking place in the country.

In the meeting it was reported this is the third positive case obtained from this study, of which more than 2,400 PCR tests have been carried out across the country.

Garcia Zapata further assured that the province maintains a favorable situation regarding hospital capacities. He explained that five local transmission events remain open, in which intense focus control activity and constant epidemiological surveillance persist. Only the event of Centro Habana municipality reported a positive case on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Matanzas, Mario Sabines Lorenzo, reported on the certification actions that continue to be carried out in different areas of Comandante Faustino Perez University Surgical Clinical Hospital, to completely restore the work in the institution.

According to it, the center remains under close epidemiological surveillance and some of the problems identified during the Ministry of Public Health’s control visit have already been solved, mainly those related to biosecurity measures, disinfection of areas, as well as the protection of patients and medical staff.

Similarly, Sabines stated that in the rest of the medical institutions of Matanzas, control of measures designed for this stage has also been increased, in order to prevent other similar events from happening.

On the other hand, Camaguey Governor Yoseily Gongora Lopez updated through videoconference about the epidemiological situation presented her territory, where to date a total of 44 patients remain admitted under surveillance and suspects.

Gongora Lopez further detailed the progress of recovery efforts in Florida and Cespedes municipalities, both damaged by a severe local storm last April 29, which left 500 houses affected, of which 401 have been solved. The official confirmed that Camaguey has the necessary resources to deal with these damages, while maintaining a commitment to comply with the planned schedule for completion of rehabilitation actions.

While the results of recent days continue to be encouraging in the country, which has maintained its vitality despite the adverse scenario caused by the pandemic, at the meeting of this Wednesday Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz insisted in a special way on the relevance of continuing to work without overconfidence and with the greatest possible responsibility.

Taken from the Presidency of the Republic site