Sancti Spíritus, Cuba.- Fulfilling with careful attention the delivery of food to the elderly in their homes is also today a relevant measure in the confrontation with Covid-19, in the central province of Sancti Spíritus .

About 2,200 people who live alone or have a health impairment are covered by the Family Care System (SAF), the territory’s strategy to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Prensa Latina learned that the Commerce sector has some 60 gastronomic units linked in the province to guarantee food resources, which begin their elaboration at dawn to distribute from 10:30 local time.

Ariel Fernández, director of the Grupo Empresarial de Comercio, explained to the press that by restricting the movement of people, mainly those of the most vulnerable ages, this initiative, endorsed by the country’s highest authorities, was put into practice.

Currently, he said, when cases of local transmission were declared in the territory and extreme measures were applied to mobility in areas of the municipalities of Cabaiguán and Taguasco, the attention to people linked to the SAF becomes more relevant.

He commented that workers in cafeterias, bars and other centers that remain closed are linked to the delivery of food in the houses.

Those included in this project – for lunch and lunch – receive a wide variety of processed products, in addition to soft drinks, yogurt or juices, he said.

Likewise, he pointed out, the workers who take on this task strictly comply with the health protection and hygiene measures established to prevent the new coronavirus.

Lastly, he remarked that this program has the necessary food resources and supplies to guarantee a reinforced diet for this group of people, who are now living in isolation from Covid-19 in their homes.