Ciego de Avila, Cuba.- A group of actions adopted this Tuesday in this central province, aimed at strengthening epidemiological control and surveillance in the face of the potential risk of the new coronavirus Covid-19 entering Cuba.

The provincial director of health in Ciego de Avila, Osvaldo Ivanez, stressed the need to take extreme measures to control health in the marinas and the international airport of Cayo Coco, in the tourist destination Jardines del Rey.

He said that in that place there is a site of isolation before the possible entry of some tourist suspect, while training staff working in tourist facilities, rental houses and private restaurants.

Likewise, they strengthen the conditions and capacities in the territory’s health system, in which the inputs for the attention of viable cases are guaranteed, said the manager.

The 19 polyclinics and their offices of the Family Doctor (comprehensive primary care in the communities), in Ciego de Avila province, have the plan of action for any case of people with the possibility of carrying the disease Covid-19.

Also through the local media, the population is informed about the hygienic-sanitary measures such as protection when coughing, sneezing, avoiding crowds, increasing hand washing, among other actions.

Meanwhile, people with any symptoms of respiratory disease are encouraged to visit their family doctor or nearest health center.

During a working meeting with the highest political and government authorities, and the agencies and entities involved in the work of the avian territory, it was demanded to keep the population well informed to avoid fake news that today circulate on social networks.

According to the World Health Organization, the presence of Covid-19 has been detected in more than 100 nations and there are more than 100,000 cases of infection.