Havana, Cuba.- The number of recoveries in patients of Covid-19 in Cuba increased to 617 after 42 new medical discharges were announced on Wednesday by the Ministry of Public Health.

The total figure was reported by the director of Epidemiology Dr. Francisco Durán in his daily press briefing to update on the subject.

Durán stressed that there was no human losses on the last day, and the number of deaths from the fatal disease remained at 58.

With the existence of 30 new confirmed cases, the total in this Caribbean country reached 1,467, the doctor said.

On the other hand, he pointed out that of the patients diagnosed with the ailment, 790 present stable clinical evolutions, two were evacuated to their countries of origin, and there are seven in critical condition and the same serious number.

Yesterday, Durán added, one thousand 836 cases were studied to determine Covid-19 in Cuba, and 45 thousand 344 samples collected for that purpose are accumulated.