energia-eolicaHavana, Cuba.-The Ninth International Conference on Renewable Energy, Saving of Energy and Energy Education (CIER 2017) will examine in this capital the efficiency in the use of those and new sources, informed today organizers of the event.

The president of the Organizing Committee, Joel Morales, added that the venue is planned from May 31 to June 2 and will reach that sector in Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean.

Those analysis look to reach for a greater percentage of power to the electricity grid.

He explained that the venue of CUIER will be the Hotel Habana Libre, which will host the meeting sponsored by the Center of Studies of Renewable Energy Technologioes (Ceter).

He said the venue is an excellent scenario to share experiences and create synergies in face of the challenge to achieve an energy sustainable development and emphasized the search of renewable sources of energy as the main slogan.

Ceter belongs to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría, and organizes the event in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and the National Union of Architects and Engineers of Construction.

During the days of the meeting, said Morales, will session several international workshops dedicated to eolic energy, hydrogen as alternative fuel, solar fotovoltaic energy and biomass. Participants will reflect on the management, efficiency and saving of energy.