Repudiation in Argentina to upsurge of blockade to Cuba.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.- The Argentine Solidarity Movement with Cuba rejected this Friday the U.S. government’s decision to activate Title III of the Helms Burton Act, which aggravates the commercial, economic and financial blockade imposed on the island.

In a statement, the Movement pointed out that the American Empire is alone with the support of the Zionist State of Israel in the implementation of the blockade to the island, which has been rejected in 27 votes in the United Nations General Assembly.

In recent days, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Washington’s decision to allow claims in U.S. courts on confiscated property.

Latin America and the Caribbean will never be the backyard of the United States and Cuba will remain the beacon illuminating the way forward, a path of independence, solidarity and integration, the communiqué concludes.