Cuban Medical Brigade travels to Venezuela to face Covid-19

Flag act of the Cuban medical brigade that traveled to Venezuela.

HAVANA, Cuba.- In order to work as advisors in the protection of Cuban collaborators and to provide experiences to the health authorities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a Brigade of the Henry Reeve International Contingent of Physicians Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics arrived on Sunday in Venezuela, to assist in the confrontation with the new coronavirus.

In the presence of Jose Angel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health, the members of the brigade committed to work tirelessly to prepare their colleagues in Venezuelan territory; to give the Venezuelan government the experiences in the organization and implementation of the plan to combat the disease, and training Cuban specialists in the protocols of action, in correspondence with the humanism, altruism and professionalism of the Cuban medicine. They also said they will return to the homeland with duty done.

Before leaving for Venezuela, the head of the Ministry of Public Health reminded them of the spirit of solidarity of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, and assured that Cubans will always be willing to provide help to those in need. “Be assured that the Revolution and our people will thank you for this noble human gesture,” he said.

Dr. Jose Ernesto Betancourt Lavastida, at the head of this group of professionals, in statements to Granma called the current epidemic causing Covid-19 disease as difficult to manage and a global problem due its extension, and because its solution depends on the joint effort of all countries with seriousness and responsibility.

“Many governments maintain due care, such as ours, where the health of the people is one of the main priorities, but others have reacted belatedly and this has contributed to the rapidly expanding epidemic,” the also national director of Civil Defense in the Ministry of Public Health said.

Dr. Betancourt added that the group is composed of professionals specialized in epidemiology, virology, intensive therapy and medical clinic.

He emphasized the necessary individual responsibility for each citizen and the need for medical coverage for one hundred percent of the population, something present in Cuba as a strength.

Dr. Yalier Torres Lopez, an intensivist clinician, stated that in the previous days, the group received a preparatory course with all the protocols of action for medical assistance and plans to face off epidemics, with an emphasis on coronavirus.

Dr. Torres Lopez ratified that “this is one more task for our Revolution and for me it is an honor to have been selected to fulfill it.”