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Archivo de November, 2019

29 November, 2019 Uruguay Has a New President

The candidate of the National Party, Luis Lacalle Pou, will be the President of Uruguay for the five years, after the figures presented on the Electoral Court website confirmed his  triumph in the second round last Sunday.

29 November, 2019 Colombia Deports Venezuelans under False Accusations

The Government of Venezuela denounced this Thursday Colombia for the irregular deportation of its citizens residing in that country, accused by Bogota of being behind the social protest of last week.

29 November, 2019 Cuba Defends Its Sovereignty

The Committee on International Relations of the National Assembly of People’s Power rejected a Joint Resolution adopted by the majority of the European Parliament, for its content interfering with Cuban sovereignty

29 November, 2019 Government Visit to Ciego de Avila Concludes

Led by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and Vice-President Salvador Valdes Mesa, the visit of the Council of Ministers to the province of Ciego de Avila concluded this Friday.

29 November, 2019 Cuba works to increase national oil production

Cuba is working to achieve sustained growth in national oil production and accelerate the exploration and development of reserves in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Gulf of Mexico (EEZ), an authorized source reported.

29 November, 2019 Cuban documentary on Chernobyl children screened in Kiev

Diplomatic sources revealed that the Kiev House of Cinema screened this Thursday the Cuban documentary ‘Chernobyl in Us’ by journalist Daisy Gomez, produced by the production house of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.

29 November, 2019 MEP challenges anti-Cuban resolution presented to European Parliament

Member of the European Parliament, Manuel Pineda, speaking in Strasbourg, France, on Thursday, described Cuban ‘dissident’ Jose Daniel Ferrer as a criminal and denounced a right-wing maneuver in the European Parliament to attack the island, in clear subordination to the United States.

28 November, 2019 New Day of National Strike in Colombia

The National Strike Committee in Colombia called to a new day of mobilization throughout the country against the government, in rejection of violence and for peace.

28 November, 2019 Cuba, Unmasking a Puppet

The arrest of violent counter-revolutionary Jose Daniel Ferrer is used from the United States for a new campaign of slander against Cuba, a report presented by Cuban Television in the most recent broadcast of the National TV News denounced.