Bolivia's Central Bank treasures Bolivians' gold.

Bolivia’s Central Bank treasures Bolivians’ gold.

LA PAZ, Bolivia.- Several videos uploaded at YouTube report that the de facto government that took power in Bolivia over the coup against Evo Morales, is looting the gold reserves deposited in that nation’s Central Bank and are taken out of the country.

The complaint illustrated with several videos showing armored trucks moving stock to an airport, indicates that some of those funds belonging to the Bolivian people are used by the current government to buy weapons and repression equipment from the United States, the main driver of action against Evo Morales and his progressive government.

Faced with the bluntness of the complaint, the Central Bank of Bolivia has denied the departure of gold from its reserves, but the graphic evidence belies that information, while the current President issued a decree granting funds to the Army and the Police for the purchase of means, weapons and inputs aimed at cracking down on the protesting people.

Economic data indicate that Bolivia, under Evo Morales´s government, was among the nations with the largest physical gold reserves in its Central Bank, funds that the coup plotters have now decided to take out of the country with an uncertain fate.