Havana, Cuba.- Cuba’s strategy to face the pandemic is characterized by 94 percent of recovered Covid-19 patients and five vaccine candidates, Minister of Public Health Jose Angel Portal Miranda said on Tuesday.

When speaking at the 74th World Health Assembly, which is in virtual session until June 1, the Minister emphasized that the rates of convalescents from the disease place Cuba among those countries with the best performance regarding this indicator.

He also pointed out that of the five Covid-19 vaccine candidates- Soberana 01, Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus, as well as Mambisa and Abdala – two of them are in Phase 3 of clinical trials, and the others are in preliminary phases.

‘The results achieved to date are very encouraging, and, taking into account the positive effects, we estimate that, by the end of August, 70 percent of the Cuban population will be vaccinated,’ he stressed.

He reaffirmed that they will have more vaccines available once the corresponding evaluations are concluded, ‘which will not only benefit Cuba, but also other countries.’

Nearly halfway through 2021, Cuba has vaccinated more than one million inhabitants with at least one shot from Soberana 02 or Abdala, both in the third phase of clinical trials.

These vaccine candidates are the protagonists of an intervention study that includes sectors with high risk of contagion, disease and spread of the pandemic, and a health intervention process for risk groups and territories.

He recalled that the Cuban biotech industry managed to develop 85 percent of the products used in the Covid-19 treatment protocol, ‘a commitment to technological sovereignty in the manufacture of drugs, supplies and vaccines,’ he said.