There is no forgiveness for those sullying the Fatherland

ICRT workers repudiated the grievance committed against several busts of Jose Marti.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Workers of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television condemned during an act of repudiation the grievance committed by two citizens against several busts of Jose Marti in Havana last January 1.

Journalist Andres Machado from Radio Rebelde evoked the thinking of the Cuban National Hero, and Raidel Santana, Secretary of the Young Communist League of Cuba at ICRT, echoed the crowd that strongly reaffirmed that no affronts will be admitted against Marti.

The act perpetrated by those who in their ignorance sought to create the existence of a climate of chaos and political instability in Cuba, was denounced by different means in defense of respect for the most universal of Cubans.

Jose Marti himself stated in 1883: “That who cannot honor the great is not worthy to descend from them. Honoring heroes, it makes them.”