Toluca, Mexico.- US policies have been responsible for the proliferation of terrorism in various parts of the world, said today Cuban deputy Fernando González Llort, who holds the title of Hero in his country.

It is not the opinion of anyone, because he, along with four other compatriots, fought terrorism in the US, and therefore they were subjected to a rigged and politicized trial, which favored the interests of anti-Cuban terrorist groups based in Miami and supported by several US administrations.

The Five, as they were known internationally, fulfilled long and unjust sentences, while the main perpetrators of violent acts against Cuba enjoyed impunity.

Fernández Llort, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), spoke exclusively on the subject with Prensa Latina, during a recess of the sessions of the XXIII National Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, which concludes today in the Mexican capital.

Terrorism must be combated by all, by governments, by peoples, he said.

‘I think that unfortunately a great opportunity was missed when the United States was the victim of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which generated a whole sympathy for those people that the White House squandered with its revengeful response’, he added.

He emphasized that far from seeking international cooperation and consensus to fight terrorism in the ways that the world community decided democratically, Washington led a campaign of revenge whose results we see today with the multiplication in different latitudes of terrorist groups.

‘Groups have been born in different parts of the world as a consequence of that decision to use force, based on invasion, military occupation and the destruction of countries like the USA. with Afghanistan and Iraq, he emphasized.

‘It was a truly missed opportunity. The attacks of September 11, 2001 generated an international awareness of this problem that would have perfectly led through the UN and other international organizations to the world community to unite to fight terrorism, ‘he said.

On the contrary, ‘he said,’ we now see terrorist acts in Africa, in Europe, in all parts of the world.

He recalled that initially tried to present the matter as a clash of cultures and religions.

‘Do not forget that President George W. Bush announced the US response. as a crusade and we all know what the crusades meant. Today that scourge is much more complex, but we have to face it and the international community must unite in that endeavor ‘.

Cuba, which lost more than three thousand of its citizens and another two thousand, mutilated and affected by terrorist attacks, is not exempt from being targeted by such aggressions, my interviewee warned.

The fact that we have been able to prevent them and that in the current international context it is difficult for them to allow the anti-Cuban terrorist organizations in Miami to act, does not mean that they do not have the intention and the mentality to act against Cuba, he said.

He considered it ironic that they should be allowed to act in the same way as before at a time when ‘supposedly the United States is involved in an action against terrorism in the world.’

But let’s not forget that the main terrorists, even in the midst of the US military and advertising campaign. against that scourge, they were residing in South Florida and nobody bothered them.

Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles died without being convicted of their crimes against Cuba, including the shooting down of a Cubana de Aviación plane with 73 people on board, in October 1976, he concluded.