Genocidal and criminal blockade

Genocidal and criminal blockade

The main obstacle to Cuba’s economic and social development is the blockade of the United States with the vain eagerness to subject the Cuban people to imperial designs.

At the World Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, held in Havana in 1994, historical leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro defined it as an economic warfare, tenacious and constant persecution of all economic management of Cuba anywhere in the world.

Fidel accused the White House administrations to actively work, through its diplomatic channels and embassies, to pressure any country that wants to trade with Cuba.

The Commander-in-Chief also said that the American governments in power threatened with sanctions any company that wished to trade or invest in Cuba, pursued ships that transported goods to Cuba. It’s universal warfare, Fidel asserted.

National Sovereignty Is Not Negotiated

For us is unacceptable the question of the cessation of the blockade in exchange for political concessions, concessions corresponding to the sovereignty of our country, is other quote from the speech of Fidel Castro at the 1994 Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba.

It is absolutely unacceptable, it is outrageous, it is irritating, and, really, we prefer to perish than refuse our sovereignty, the Commander-in-Chief pointed out then.

This principled policy has proven its worth, and standing firm has allowed the Cuban people to demonstrate that America’s economic siege has failed in its claims to isolate Cuba.

The votes at the United Nations demonstrate this, also the Havana International Fair, which has thousands of entrepreneurs in each edition; Chambers of Commerce; official delegations and groups.