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30 January, 2020 Anez´s Bill Raises Strong Criticism

Jeanine Anez played a letter of fortune by presenting a Bill to declare indigenous woman as a cultural and intangible heritage, shortly after announcing her candidacy for the presidency of Bolivia.The initiative drew strong criticism from analysts and

14 November, 2019 Repression and Death Maintains Tension in Bolivia

The deaths of 10 people amid protests against the coup d’état and allegations by legislators loyal to resigning President Evo Morales confirm the tension prevailing in Bolivia.

13 November, 2019 Cuba Ratifies Solidarity with Evo Morales

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples, (ICAP), strongly condemns and rejects the criminal fascist coup perpetrated by the most reactionary sectors of the Bolivian right, its President Fernando Gonzalez emphasized this Wednesday.

2 April, 2019 The Legacy of an American Hero against NATO

On April 4, Americans will remember Reverend Martin Luther King, assassinated that day of 1968, and whose ideas are considered to be very effective by different sectors.