Anez´s bill raises strong criticism

Anez´s bill raises strong criticism

LA PAZ, Bolivia.- Jeanine Anez played a letter of fortune by presenting a Bill to declare indigenous woman as a cultural and intangible heritage, shortly after announcing her candidacy for the presidency of Bolivia.

The initiative drew strong criticism from analysts and political opponents, because recognizing the importance of Bolivian women and their legacy of struggle is defended for years by the Movement for Socialism (MAS).

On the calculated announcement, the former Chancellor and vice-presidential candidate for MAS, David Choquehuanca, clarified it is nothing more than launching again a claim of this political force.

Choquehuanca’s words are followed by comments calling Anez a hypocrite, racist and coup, and the fact of proposing a law declaring indigenous woman a world heritage does not eliminate the racism and violence they were treated by the coup perpetrators.