Etiqueta: Evo Morales
22 January, 2020 Evo Morales Will Issue Last Management Report from Argentina

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, will issue this Wednesday from Argentina his last speech and management report of his constitutional mandate, which had to interrupt last November 10 forced by a coup d’état

19 December, 2019 Evo Morales Rejects Arrest Warrant

Bolivia’s former President, Evo Morales, rejected on Wednesday the arrest warrant issued against him by the La Paz Prosecutor’s Office, because with it the promoters of last month’s coup d’état intend to incriminate him.

2 December, 2019 Evo Morales Urges Investigation on Repression in Bolivia

The rapporteur of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela, Francisco Jose Eguiguren, revealed his intention to form an interdisciplinary and international group of experts to investigate the events occurred after the elections of October 20.

25 November, 2019 Evo Reflects on Coup d’État in Bolivia

Evo Morales, leader of Bolivia’s Plurinational State, said in Mexico that his nation will resume its democratic and cultural revolution with or without him, and that is only a matter of time.

13 November, 2019 Cuba Ratifies Solidarity with Evo Morales

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples, (ICAP), strongly condemns and rejects the criminal fascist coup perpetrated by the most reactionary sectors of the Bolivian right, its President Fernando Gonzalez emphasized this Wednesday.

6 November, 2019 President of Cuba Ratifies Endorsement of Evo Morales

The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, reaffirmed on his Twitter account his support for the management of his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, re-elected on last October 20 for a new term.