Evo Morales arrived in Argentina on Thursday.

Evo Morales arrived in Argentina on Thursday.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.- Bolivia’s deposed president, Evo Morales, landed in Argentina this Thursday.

He has just landed in Ezeiza. He comes to stay in Argentina, because he enters in asylum and then he will become a refugee, Chancellor Felipe Sola, Argentine’s Foreign Minister announced in statements to TN channel.

Sola noted that Morales was accompanied by his former Vice- President, Alvaro Garcia Linera, as well as a former minister and another official.

Last week, Morales traveled from Mexico to Cuba, after remaining almost a month in Mexican territory.

The condition under which he enters is the one I granted him last night, he sought asylum. I’ve given them asylum to enter the country, but they’re signing the asylum request. Refugee status is given by the Ministry of the Interior and is standard, but asylum has no rules, Chancellor Sola added.