Havana, Cuba.- The spokesperson of the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, Pham Thu Hang, affirmed today that her country supports the call made by the international community to the United States to remove Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

In a press conference, Pham pointed out that the State Department recently excluded Cuba from the group of countries that “do not fully cooperate with the anti-terrorism efforts of the United States in 2023”. However, she indicated, so far the United States has not eliminated Cuba from the list of nations that they consider to be sponsors of terrorism.

She emphasized that Vietnam hopes that the United States will take the necessary measures to fully normalize relations with Cuba, contributing to peace, stability, cooperation and development in America and the world.

Organizations in solidarity with Cuba also demanded days ago the definitive exclusion of Cuba from said list, such as the Vietnam Friendship Association, which stated that the United States should permanently eliminate the island from that relationship and stop the imposition of irrational and unfounded economic and financial measures that seriously affect the Cuban population.