Marco Rubio is a confessed enemy of Cuba.

Marco Rubio is a confessed enemy of Cuba.

WASHINGTON, USA.- As part of the reinforcement of Washington’s siege to Cuba, the Senate vote on an agricultural bill is at risk of being curbed by Republican Marco Rubio, with an interest in blocking an approach to the island’s market.

The Florida legislator wrote on Twitter that he is determined to avoid any changes to the Farm Bill of 2018 until an amendment by his colleague Ted Cruz or his own authorship is accepted.

The Farm Bill calls to prevent the use of taxpayers’ money for promotions in Cuba and the second codifies an executive order prohibiting the use of those funds in businesses that, according to Marco Rubio, belong to the Armed Forces of the island.

This is the rhetoric of President Donald Trump, who has proposed to step back in the process of normalization of relations between Havana and Washington, started in 2014.