Sancti Spíritus, Cuba.- The operation in the South of Jíbaro of a modern plant with Chinese technology, to benefit rice seed, raised cereal quality parameters, said a specialist today. Leonardo Puerto, director of the Los Españoles Base Business Unit, belonging to the Agroindustrial Enterprise of Granos Sur del Jíbaro, told local press that among the advantages of this equipment is a better classification of grain.

Together with this, there is an increase in processing capacity of 100 tons and greater protection for the worker, as it is an automated system.

He explained how with the previous technology – exploited for more than four decades – the seed was stored with almost eight percent of impurities and currently that indicator only amounts to two percent.

In this first stage, the installation – started up last year – received about 5,500 tons of rice seed, volume processed with a much higher efficiency, said the manager.

Meanwhile, the previous plant required nine operators to operate, the current one only needs four.

The Agroindustrial Enterprise of Granos Sur del Jíbaro is located in the spirit municipality of La Sierpe and is one of the most efficient rice producers in the country.

For several years, this entity strengthens its links with the research centers, such as the Territorial Grain Research Station, located in La Sierpe, and its international collaboration, as is the case with the Vietnam-Cuba project.

It also has a development program until 2030 that includes the execution of significant investments in equipment and other actions.