Cuba applies new surveillance measures against Covid-19

Cuba increases house-to-house health controls.

HAVANA, Cuba.- According to the correspondent stage of the epidemic, Cuban Minister of Health Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda reports that epidemiological surveillance at the borders is extreme to all travelers residing in Cuba, regardless of their home countries.

Dr. Portal stated that health personnel at flight, land and sea terminals were increased, and people with fever or respiratory symptoms are not allowed to board.

All travelers residing in the country, upon arrival they will be insulated for surveillance for 14 days in institutions enabled by the Ministry of Public Health.

If anyone has symptoms he/she will be admitted to institutions for this purpose. This health measure is strictly compliant. To be aware and go to the doctor to avoid Covid-19 is the recommendation of the Cuban health authorities.

No Truce towards the New Coronavirus

In the face of Covid-19, the Cuban Minister of Health points out that in hotels where foreign visitors staying in the country are hosted, clinical-epidemiological surveillance and medical supervision will be increased.

The official stated that the Ministries of Public Health and Tourism work together to increase health personnel in order to ensure compliance with this measure.

Dr. Portal adds that regarding access to all public places, workplaces and schools, hand disinfection measure with 0.01-per cent sodium hypochlorite will be applied.

The official informs that the holiday plans and mission ends of the collaborating staff of all the Agencies of the State Administration, in their different missions abroad will be temporarily suspended.

Self-care and Responsibility

Cuban Health Minister Jose Angel Portal insists on maintaining contact through enabled telephone lines and email.

Dr. Portal specifies they are to establish systems of warning and communication from homes to health services, depending on the medical care of people with respiratory symptoms and their correct focus control.

The responsible self-care every Cuban must have regarding his/her health, is the fundamental task to prevent the spread of the disease, the Cuban Minister highlights.

Dr. Portal indicates that the population may participate in active research, call and alert health services about someone with respiratory symptoms. He also calls for social estrangement, that´s to say avoiding departures or going needlessly to public places, travel and crowds.