Havana, Cuba.- In view of sustained increase of Covid-19 confirmed cases confirmed, Cuba increases the screenings by implementing rapid tests on all individuals suspected an acute respiratory condition, MINSAP reported.

Francisco Duran, national director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), detailed in a press conference that Cuba´s toll of confirmed cases top 766, and 2,581 hospitalized for clinical epidemiological studies. In particular, he stated that rapid tests are conducted on all those who arrive from abroad, and even though the toll of foreigners has decreased considerably, all people in isolation, contacts of those infected and those who present an acute respiratory condition continue to be hospitalized.

Duran also referred to the training of health professionals, not only in hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients, but the remaining healthcare centers because, he said, anyone can come to a hospital looking for medical assistance with no symptoms.

In these centers, Duran said, all health staffers are protected with all necessary means and there is a differentiation in caring respiratory symptoms, since there is a higher risk for them more than for other people.