Cuban Youth to celebrate April 4.

HAVANA, Cuba. – Productive days, visits to historical-interesting sites, camping, hiking as well as recreational and sporting activities are held in Cuba to celebrate the 58th birthday of Jose Marti Pioneer Organization (OPJM) and 57th of the Young Communist League of Cuba (UJC).

The first Secretary of the UJC, Susely Morfa, said that on April 4 at 7:30 a.m., they will launch the call to the Ninth Congress of the youth organization from Biran, where Fidel and Raul were born. The slogan of the meeting will be Your Future is Today.

Morfa explained that after the momentous time that will be broadcast live for the country and the world, young people in all Cuban provinces will go celebrating to sites of historical interest and read their commitment to the congress.

Then, the official added, there will be a big party in workplaces and schools.

Youth Celebration in Cuba

This April 4 will be a day of jubilation, recognition and commitment to the Revolution in a fundamental scenario, every grassroots Committee in the whole country, Yenisey Cruz, second Secretary of the Young Communist League of Cuba pointed out.

Cruz said the provinces of Holguin, Camaguey and Las Tunas are home to the central celebrations for the 58th anniversary of Jose Marti Pioneer Organization and the 57th of the UJC.

The second Secretary of the Young Communist League of Cuba announced that today the new generations in Camaguey and Las Tunas will mobilize in productive days to boost economy in their territories, and emphasized that on Wednesday more than 2000 young people participate in Biran in a giant camp to wait for April 4.

As part of the festivities throughout the country, 8000 Cubans will receive their card of members of the UJC with much joy and commitment.