HAVANA, Cuba.- At the close of yesterday, June 23, 214 patients are admitted to hospitals for epidemiological clinical surveillance. Another 250 people are monitored in their homes from Primary Health Care.

For COVID-19 2 thousand 006 samples were studied, resulting in one positive sample. The country accumulates 157 thousand 387 samples made and 2 thousand 319 positive (1.5%). Therefore, at the close of yesterday a new case was confirmed, for a cumulative figure of 2 thousand 319 in the country.

Details of the confirmed case: Cuban citizen, 43, resident in t Centro Habana municipality, Havana province. A contact of a previously confirmed case. 14 contacts are kept under surveillance.

Of the 2,319 patients diagnosed with the disease, 102 are kept admitted and 101 (99%) have a stable clinical evolution. There are 85 deaths (none of the day), two evacuated and 2 thousand 130 patients recovered (7 medical discharges). A critical patient and none in a serious condition are reported.

Cuban citizen, 78. She comes from Cotorro municipality. History of arterial hypertension. She began with light polypnea, positive radiology so it was decided to transfer her to Intensive Care Therapy. She is afebrile, with edema in lower limbs, no bleeding, mechanical ventilation, moderate respiratory distress. Hemodynamically stable. Echocardiogram: hypertensive cardiopathy with normal left ventricle ejection fraction. Rx chest: inflammatory lesions in both lung fields in the form of patches. She is reported in a critical condition.

Until June 23, 185 countries with COVID-19 cases. 9 million 063 thousand 264 confirmed cases (+136 thousand 865) and 471 thousand 681 deceased (+ 3 thousand 424) are reported, for a lethality of 5.20% (-0.05).

The Americas region reports 4 million 512 thousand 775 confirmed cases (+97 thousand 196), 49.79% of the total reported cases worldwide, with 226 thousand 445 deaths (+ 2 thousand 098) for a lethality of 5.02% (-0.03).