Havana, Cuba.- Cuba reported 139 Covid-19 cases, including 114 Cubans and 25 foreigners, Public Health Minister Jose Angel Portal told a news conference on Sunday.

He noted that 73 Cubans had come from the United States, Spain, Mexico, Guyana and the Dominican Republic.

Of the Cuban residents who returned home on Saturday, 128 went to isolation centers as established. Of 1,822 people in those units, 48 are showing respiratory symptoms.

In Cuba, until March 28, 2,317 patients, including 115 foreigners and 2,202 Cubans, had been hospitalized for clinical-epidemiological surveillance in isolation centers created for that purpose. In addition, 30,642 people are in quarantine at home, at the primary care level.

On Saturday, 297 cases were tested for Covid-19, and 20 samples were positive. Cuba has performed 1,665 tests, 139 of which have resulted positive.

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