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4 November, 2022 Cuba will never give up social justice, foreign minister says

United Nations, United Nations.- Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Thursday that Cuba will never give up its system of social justice and the exercise of human rights for all citizens. Rodriguez spoke at the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UN), which analyzed and pronounced itself on the lifting of the US […]

4 November, 2022 Overwhelming support for Cuba at UN against the US blockade

United Nations, United Nations.- Cuba scored a new victory on Thursday in its struggle against the United States blockade by achieving overwhelming support at the United Nations (UN) for a resolution passed by 185 votes in favor. The resolution was only opposed by the United States and its staunched ally Israel, while Brazil and Ukraine […]

3 November, 2022 US blockade causes millions in damage to communications in Cuba

Havana, Cuba.- The economic damage of the United States blockade against Cuba to communications, information technology and telecommunications from January to July 2021 amounted to 37,520,578 dollars, it was reported on Wednesday. This amount, published on the website of the Cuban Ministry of Communications, is associated with the limitations or prohibitions on supplies of technologies […]

3 November, 2022 Caribbean Community supports Cuba at UN against US blockade

United Nations, United Nations.- The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on Wednesday demanded the lifting of the United States blockade against Cuba at the opening session of a debate during the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. Speaking on behalf of the group, the representative of the Bahamas, Ambassador Stan Smith, reiterated CARICOM’s unanimous position […]

3 November, 2022 The world shows why Cuba is better off without US blockade

United Nations, United Nations.- Today is the day when the world shows why Cuba will always be better off without the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States, Cuba’s permanent mission at the United Nations stressed on Wednesday. The diplomatic representation highlighted on its official Twitter account the messages from representatives of various […]

3 November, 2022 Cuba’s removal from US list of sponsors of terrorism demanded at UN

United Nations, United Nations.- Various countries and international organizations described Cuba’s inclusion on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism as unjust and inhumane and denounced the damage it causes to its citizens at the United Nations. Cuba’s removal from that list became a unanimous demand on the opening session of the two-day debates taking […]

2 November, 2022 Solidarity with Cuba in Italy reaffirms support for that country

Rome, Cuba.- Noemi Rabaza, First Vice-President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), met in her nation’s Embassy in Italy with representatives of groups that are members of the movement of solidarity with Cuba. Rabaza said that her visit to this country, accompanied by ICAP’s director for Europe, Rigoberto Zarza, aims to […]

2 November, 2022 Venezuelan lawmaker repudiates US blockade against Cuba

Caracas, Venezuela.- From the PSUV, the National Assembly, and the Venezuelan State, as a whole, this Tuesday, we repudiate the criminal actions imposed by the United States on Cuba and on the people of the world, young lawmaker Francisco Quevedo stated. Quevedo, who is also a member of the Regional Directorate of the United Socialist […]

2 November, 2022 Classic Havana Festival will show luxury edition in Cuba

Havana, Cuba.- From November 5 to 20, the Classic Havana Festival will welcome musicians from Cuba and Europe to share the best of that genre in a luxury edition, its organizers confirmed here. More than 50 soloists, conductors, music, theater and dance groups representing Germany, Canada, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, the United […]

1 November, 2022 Bolivian embassy in Cuba condemns destabilization attempts

Havana, Cuba.- The National Census re-scheduled for 2024 in Bolivia is being used Monday as weapon by authorities of the department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in order to generate domestic destabilization, according to Juan Javier Zárate, Chargé d’Affaires of the Bolivian embassy in Cuba. The Bolivian diplomat described as an unfounded excuse the […]

1 November, 2022 Joe Biden keeps blockade unchanged, says Cuban ambassador

Mexico City, Mexico.- President Joe Biden has not changed the U.S. blockade policy against Cuba despite his electoral promises, according to Marcos Rodriguez, Cuban ambassador to Mexico. Rodriguez gave a press conference on Monday at the Cuban embassy on the occasion of his country´s report and draft resolution at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) for […]

1 November, 2022 Blockade against Cuba condemned in Sweden before UN vote

Stockholm, Sweden.- The Swedish-Cuban Association of Solidarity on Monday rejected the US blockade against the island and expressed confidence in the resounding victory at the United Nations of a new draft resolution about the end of that extraterritorial policy. On the occasion of the upcoming vote at the United Nations General Assembly, we again proclaim […]

1 November, 2022 US blockade against Cuba is a crime, Sandinista congressman affirms

Managua, Nicaragua.- The head of the Sandinista bench in the National Assembly (unicameral parliament) of Nicaragua, Edwin Castro, affirmed that the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US against Cuba is a crime. The congressman said that the unilateral measure is anti-human from the popular lexicon´s point of view and a crime against […]