Havana, Cuba.- Havana is the only province in the country that has not passed to phase one of the recovery stage of COVID-19. A total of 102 confirmed active cases of the new coronavirus remain in the province, three of them yesterday, and most of them with a known source of infection; two open local transmission events; an incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants of 5.20 in the last 15 days and tending to decrease in that period; and a reproductive rate of the disease of 0.62.

“Strict monitoring is maintained in the territory of each of these five health indicators defined by the Ministry of Public Health for the transition to the different phases of the recovery stage,” said the deputy governor of Havana, Yanet Hernández Pérez, through videoconference, at the daily meeting of the temporary working group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, led by the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz.

“At this time,” said Hernández Pérez, “the only one of these indicators that is not being met is the number of active cases, which represents 8.06% of the 1,264 cases that have been confirmed in the capital since the beginning of the epidemic and requires a reduction to 5% to move to at least enter phase one of the next stage.”

After the first hours of the province of Matanzas joining 14 other territories in phase one of the recovery, Governor Mario Sabines Lorenzo announced that the day went by calmly and little by little various services have been restarted. He said that transportation is already in operation, on all the routes that were planned, including the Matanzas-Los Arabos train service.

He also detailed that this Wednesday should begin the sale of reservations, both for hotels and for camping facilities; several restaurants have resumed their usual activities, taking into account the corresponding measures. Meanwhile, the offers of home deliveries are maintained in several of them.

He recalled that until Monday only two active cases remain hospitalized and the numbers of admissions of people with symptoms associated with COVID-19 and contacts in isolation centres continue to fall.