Etiqueta: Fernando González
13 November, 2019 Cuba Ratifies Solidarity with Evo Morales

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples, (ICAP), strongly condemns and rejects the criminal fascist coup perpetrated by the most reactionary sectors of the Bolivian right, its President Fernando Gonzalez emphasized this Wednesday.

1 November, 2019 Solidarity Always Renewed

More than a thousand delegates representing 95 countries participate in the Anti-Imperialist Meeting of Solidarity for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, inaugurated in the Convention Palace.

8 October, 2019 Solidarity with Cuba Expands

Progressive organizations of the world together with social movements with their Cuban chapter, will be in Havana coordinating strategies in defense of the sovereignty of peoples, Teresa Amarelle Boue, Secretary General of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) said.

28 March, 2019 It Begins in Cuba Discussion of New Draft Laws

Deputies, guests and specialists from the provinces of Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba launched on Wednesday the territorial meetings to discuss the draft laws on National Symbols and Fisheries

18 February, 2019 In the Face of Fascist Escalation, Hands off Venezuela

In a ceremony held at the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), its president Fernando Gonzalez called to join the campaign of signatures “Hands off Venezuela”, and ratified the conviction to vote YES for the Constitution on February 24.

17 October, 2017 Young People of the World Condemn Blockade against Cuba

A few days before the vote against the blockade in the UN, the solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and against the U.S. blockade was expressed in a forum at the 19th Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students in the Russian city of Sochi.

28 July, 2017 Salvadorans Strengthen Solidarity with Cuba

With tributes to Hugo Chavez, Schafik Handal and Farabundo Marti continues this Friday in San Salvador, the Central American Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, initiated with a massive people´s march.