Etiqueta: Cuban medical collaboration
30 May, 2020 Don’t Be Complacent to COVID-19

“The measures and unity of all in Cuba is a real sign of the strength distinguishing us, and allows us to speak, although without being complacent, of a favorable behavior of COVID-19 in the country,” Minister of Public Health Jose Angel Portal said.

23 May, 2020 At COVID-19, Keeping Measures and Not Being Complacent

“Cuba continues in the most favorable scenario of confrontation with COVID -19, and if we do things right we must not go back, hence the importance of maintaining hygiene measures and social estrangement,” the Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal said in the Roundtable TV program.

6 April, 2020 Cuba Sends Nursing Brigade to Barbados

A nursing brigade departed on Sunday from Cuba to Barbados where they will help facing Covid-19, a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-Dos coronavirus.

2 March, 2020 Cuba Denounces Campaign against Medical Collaboration

Cuban Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, condemned via Twitter the United States’ campaign against the Cuban medical collaboration, which affects the right to health of 67 million people in Latin America.