Etiqueta: Bolivarian government
17 February, 2020 Venezuela Reaffirms Commitment to Peace and Sovereignty

President Nicolas Maduro reaffirmed the commitment to fight for peace and sovereignty in the country, on the anniversary of the signing of the Geneva Agreement reaffirming Venezuela’s right to Guayana Esequiba.

10 February, 2020 Venezuelan Airline to Operate Normally

The Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services, Conviasa, ratified its commitment to maintain its operations with total normality, despite the coercive measures imposed by the United States Government.

27 May, 2019 Chancellors of Cuba and Russia Condemn Monroe Doctrine

Russia and Cuba rejected the imposition of the old and aggressive Monroe Doctrine by the United States, and the attempts of foreign interference in Venezuela. They also called for a dialogue in that South American nation.

29 June, 2018 They Deliver in Venezuela House Number 2.1 Million

President Nicolas Maduro participated in the state of Sucre in the delivery of the house number 2.1 million, as part of the Venezuela Housing Great Mission in a project that has provided a roof to 25 percent of the inhabitants of that country.

22 March, 2018 Successful Housing Policy in Venezuela

Two million families were benefited by the Great Housing Mission of Venezuela, one of the pillars of the social protection system conceived by Commander Hugo Chavez and driven by his successor, President Nicolas Maduro.

6 September, 2017 Venezuela Confirms Friendship to American People

The people of Venezuela ratified this Wednesday their friendship and respect for their American counterpart, and requested their support in the confrontation of the economic war and claims of military intervention by President Donald Trump.

26 July, 2017 We Will Never Betray the Glory of Serving the Revolution

“Before our people, before the memory of our heroic dead, we ratify we will never betray the glory of having serve to the Fatherland and the Revolution under the ideas and conduction of Fidel and Raul,” Jose Ramon Machado Ventura said